Words by Claire Sheridan to a traditional tune.

Traditional Urizen call and repeat song. A leader sings a line, the chorus sing it back. Can also be sung as a round if sung continuously.

Peace of the Mountains

Long I have travelled through mountains and vales, Seeking new wonders, new path-ways, new trails, Grace of the mountains, dear to my heart, Grace of the mountains, ne’er let us part.

Tall Spires we built here and long have they stayed, Long since their cornerstones deeply were laid, Strength of the mountains, silent and sure, Strength of the mountains, hold for e’er more.

Fine herbs are found here and mana beside, One day we will know all the great mountains hide, Gifts of the mountains, ours to control, Gifts of the mountains, ours to extoll.

Long I have wondered and much I have seen, But nowhere have I found a place so serene, Peace of the mountains, soothing my soul, Peace of the mountains, making me whole.