Original Song by Jamie Wakefield (https://soundcloud.com/jamie-wakefield/redhound)

Redhound is a player character in the Eternal Family steading.

Chords: Verse – Gm, Gm F; Chorus – Gm F x2, D# Gm x2, F E Gm x2

Verse 1 Here's a little story, About a legend of our time. Whenever danger called, He put his neck upon the line.

And in the midst of battle, It is sure that he'll be found. He's a hero of the empire, And his name is Redhound.

He's Redhound. (x3)

Verse 2 You all have heard the tale, Of how he slew Harku Long Axe, Or destroyed a Jotun warband, With a cunning night attack.

But, I'll tell you of the last days, Of his people, strong and proud, Of the Counted Sorrows striding, And the vengeance of Redhound.

He's Redhound. (x4)

Chorus Running at full speed. Brave and free, is Redhound. (Redhound.) Bursting through the trees, Mightily, is Redhound. (Redhound.)

His enemies flee at the sound, When out of the forest, with a single bound, He'll cut them down to the ground. He's Redhound. He's Redhound. howl

Verse 3 In the forests of Liathaven, For three long days and nights, The Counted Sorrows striding, Had fought with all their might.

But their last stand, it was nearing. And the orcs were all around. The Empire needed warning And the task fell on Redhound.

He's Redhound. (x3)

Verse 4 “My place is here”, our hero cried, But his thorn-brand cut him off. He said, “The Marches must know of this foe, Or the Empire will be lost.

“And one more thing I ask you, If a father is allowed, Take my child with you to safety, Now's your chance! Go now, Redhound!”


Verse 5 He dodged the first patrol. But the second he attacked. Chopping left and chopping right, With the child upon his back.

He broke through the Jotun cordon, With their hunters giving chase, Through vallorn infested woodlands, And never losing pace.

He's Redhound. (x2)


Verse 6 Through cunning and through trickery, Our hero did escape. Saved the daughter. Saved the Empire. (slow) But his people met their fate.

In honour of their sacrifice, He built a stony mound. For each loss, he placed a Jotun skull All slain by him – Redhound.

Coda And his legend will continue, For his courage knows no bounds. He's a hero of the empire, And his name is Redhound.


Chorus to end.