I, Sian Eternal, use my power of historical research to send civil service researchers to Axos to gather information about their ruined Terunael city and vallorn around it. An expedition suggested by Aili Marjasdottir, and supported by the Imperial Ambassador to Axos, Tarquinius of Ankarien.

Announced by Siân Eternal, Advisor on the Vallorn.


  • Historical Research concerning this topic has been commissioned through the civil service.
  • Historical Research request announced by the Advisor on the Vallorn using the legal powers to announce historical research delegated to them by the Senate.


  • 5 Thrones


  • 5 Thrones provided by Siân Eternal after Autumn Equinox 381YE.


  • Autumn 381YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The expedition was dispatched to Axos.