Regular Senate Motions teachers, Catalina and Gabriel Barossa


Senate Motions is an Imperial Sodality that meets every Anvil summit to teach and practice dancing, on the floor of the Senate building. The founders of the group hailed from Tassato in the League and their love of wordplay could not resist the play on words when they named the group.

Citizens from every nation are welcome, and members pride themselves on including beginners in sessions. The core aim of the group is to teach, so that all those who attend have a 'common language' of dance that they can practice together at social gatherings.


The roots of this sodality lie in a chance meeting of enthusiastic dancers from The League and Dawn at a party in Astolat, who lamented that amidst the business of politics and war that dominates Anvil there were too few chances to enjoy social activities together. They had their first impromptu dance session immediately, and then set about making it a regular occurrence.

The first official lesson was held in the winter of 381, despite the nervousness of the founders that no-one would brave the cold weather to show up. Thankfully, they were rewarded with a crowded room full of people keen to practice - so many that the cold outside was quickly not a problem. Since then it has proven ever more popular and people of every nation and lineage have come to take part, with a new batch of beginners every season. Some attend only occasionally, while regulars come to every session zealously. It has also become a popular destination for courting couples to come on dates, with the dance floor occasionally bearing witness to everything from tender romance to dramatic break-ups as a result, along with some dramatic rivalries being fought out through the medium of dance.

In Play

Sessions are run at the same time and place every event: 23:00 on Saturday, in the Senate building. If we expect a particular event to be very busy then places may be limited by tickets, but usually it is possible to turn up on the night and fit in. If you want to be sure of a space, tickets for those busy events are sold by Catalina and Gabriel Barossa in The League (with some held back for the door to ensure there is always a chance for anyone who did not have time to get one earlier).

A variety of musicians and singers regularly come along to play for the group, although there is always a need for more - performers looking to make a name for themselves might well look here for an opportunity.

Although most of the dances practiced are partnered, it is not essential to turn up with someone - those who come by themselves will find partners when they arrive, and quite likely end up dancing with a variety of people.

The people who run these sessions are all player characters. They began this group because they wanted more people to be able to use dance as part of their roleplay; many classic scenes from books and movies we love include balls or similar, so by teaching the relevant skills it allows more players the chance to play out those sorts of stories.

At each event Senate Motions tends to focus on one dance, which will be a real world ballroom or Latin style that fits in the setting. For example, the instructors often teach the Argentine Tango, but as 'Tassatan Tango' - this is a favourite of one of the regular teachers, because of its scope for telling a story between two characters.

During a session the instructors will often ask people to switch partners if they want to, as this can be a really useful way of learning (when you practice with different people it usually makes you a better dancer), but it is entirely optional. If you have come with a friend you are most comfortable with you might want to stick with them until you are more confident, or perhaps your character and another have come together and you want to play out their interactions. The idea is for you to be able to learn new skills and have fun roleplaying while you do it, so we want you to be happy and comfortable.

People with no dance experience whatsoever are welcome, as well as those who are already skilled. The main teachers are simply enthusiastic amateurs who want to share their love of dance, aided by volunteers from the regular attendees. Plus, the group has occasional guest teachers who come to show their new and exciting styles.

Dancers attending Senate Motions at the Imperial Senate