This is a traditional Marcher song about standing stones. Some scholars believe it takes as its inspiration the Silent Giant, a standing stone near the village of Hay in Mitwold.

Words by Jude and Daisy. Recording of this song is here.

Sheet music is available here

The Silent Giants

They stand so proud, they stand so still Those silent figures on the hill Shale and granite, chalk and lime Bent double by the weight of time There beneath the empty sky They see the people passing by Wind and sunshine, hail and snow They wait as seasons come and go

In their shadow, by their feet Children play and true loves meet Sons and daughters, friends and foes Watched by eyes that never close Between them grass and flowers grow For what they they wait no one can know Dawn and twilight, night and day They wait the turning years away

Some say upon Midsummer's night They walk when moon and stars are bright Come the dawn no trace you'll find But the footprints left behind The time will come they'll wake again To walk once more on hill and fen Till then they stand so proud and still Those silent giants on the hill