To the tune of Malo Ja. Lyrics by Jude.

Helper files:

Full harmony: File:Songs to keep the dark away - full.mp3

Part by part lines. Please note that these were recorded at different times so they are in different keys. The Sop and Bass are in the key the music is written in, the other two are in a more comfortable key to sing in.

Tune: File:Malo-sop.mp3

Alto: File:Malo-alto-words.mp3

Tenor: File:Malo-tenor-words.mp3 (This has been tweaked for a woman to sing, some of the notes are up the octave, esp the oompahs).

Bass: File:Malo-bass.mp3

Hey! Let the winds rage and roar Wolves may howl at the door Here inside the fire burns bright Stay with me tonight Hey! Oom pa oom pa oom pa oom pa oom pa oom pa paaaa! No need to fear the storm Love will keep us warm

Snows may melt, rivers rise lightning split the stormy skies Here inside etc

Raise your glass, toast with me Singing loud and joyously Here inside etc.

All the night sing and play Tunes to keep the dark away Here inside etc.

Leave the fire, come with me Love me sweet and tenderly Here inside etc.