Original song by Jude.
A pdf of the tune and lyrics can be found here.

Embroider him a favour for to wear around his arm And tie it in a true love’s knot to keep him safe from harm Stitch it in the softest silks in colours bright and gay To bear the memory of your love while he is far away,

Weave yourself a woolen cloth with weave both fine and neat And wash it by the light of dawn in scented water sweet Make of it a good night-gown and dye it deepest blue To warm you in your bed at night when he is far from you

Weave yourself the finest silk for to make into a dress And stitch it in the colour and the shape that suits you best Sew in silken roses all around the neck and hem To wear to bid him welcome when he comes back home again

Weave for him a linen sheet and make it long and wide Enough to drape across a bed or to clothe a virgin bride Lay it down upon the earth and wrap it well around Then tie it in a true love’s knot and lay it in the ground.