Original Song: Wolfen One by Alexander James Adams, heir to Heather Alexander (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=houzbrRvfhU)

New lyrics by Alexander Bolingbroke

Striding one, You are my midday moon and I your midnight sun Striding one, Our journey's at an end but life has just begun When first we met, I thought that what I felt could not be true But through the sharing of our hearts there now is one where there was two

Left to right, the meeting of the darkened day and dawning night Drum to tune, the joining of the shining sun and silver moon I knew the risk I took when down beside you I had laid And lo, the breath of two new lives was well worth the price I paid

Striding one, come dance with me and gaze back at which we have done Striding one, we've sown the threads by which the future shall be spun Striding one, you are my midday moon and I, your midnight sun Striding one...