This page lists all the details that are specific for the Summer Solstice 2015. There is an additional page with event information which lists arrival and departure times and similar details that are common for all Empire events.

IC News

Please see the 379YE Summer Solstice winds of fortune for the latest IC developments known throughout the Empire.

For the Civil Service events set to occur and at what location, please refer to the external link to this civil service timetable


At the event we will be running two large battles, one Saturday morning and one Sunday morning. The large battles will follow the normal rules for battles; you may only participate in a single battle as your character and you must monster the other battle if you decide to participate in one. The sides for the battles will be chosen by the generals in the Muster of the Imperial Military Council on Friday night.

The fighting begins at 11:00 am - but if you are playing the battle then you will need to muster up before this time and if you are monstering then you need to make your way to the monster area for 10:00 am to give us time to get you into costume, made-up and briefed.


At our previous event we asked for player volunteers to give us a few hours to monster some of our larger quests. This let us run much more plot at the event so we're asking for more help again this time.

To help us organize folk, we've set aside a slot for each nation to volunteer to monster, which are listed below.

14:00-15:30Imperial Orcs & The Marches
16:00-17:30The League & Varushka
17:00-18:30Brass Coast & Urizen
18:00-19:30Dawn & Highguard

Monstering during this slot is purely voluntary - but it will help us put on a much better event for everyone. We are tracking the numbers of players who volunteer from each nation on an ongoing basis and using that to create equivalent sized quest opportunities for those nations at the next event. In effect, we'll try and deliver more fights to the nations that volunteer the most - on the assumption that those nations contain the players who want those opportunities the most.

Site Map

The site map is below; there is an exit gate behind the Brass Coast camp that leads onto Burford Lane. We will be operating a one-way system at the event with players who are dropping off IC tents and equipment in this field following the marked road until they reach the gate. Once there they should travel around the site and come back in through the entrance to park in one of the two OOC fields.

The roads will be marked with fencing pins and rope as usual. There is a narrow strip of land around the edge of each field which is deliberately set aside for use by birds and wildlife. This area will be fenced off, as you must make sure that you do not drive or camp there.

The camp coordinators for each camp will have their own layout for their camp, showing where all the tents they know about are to be pitched. If you do not know where you are supposed to be camping, then please speak to them on arrival at your nation's camp.

We are confident that the ground will be much dryer and firmer at this event, but please make sure that you follow the directions provided by the red caps when you arrive on site. No unescorted vehicles are allowed off the roads in the IC camping area. The road will be wide enough for you to pull up and park so that you can unload your vehicle next to your camp. Please unload your camping equipment and then move your vehicle to the car park before putting up your tent to allow other players to unload.

If you have a trailer or a large vehicle filled with heavy kit then you may drive that on to the field to unload. To do that you must wait for a member of the PD security team who will escort you vehicle to your camp where you can unload your vehicle. Once you are ready to move your vehicle to the car park you must request a member of the PD team escort your vehicle off the field.

Site Map

We have a lot of players booked for this event, so we're trying to organize the parking a little better in advance. If you are not staying on site overnight then please park your car in the far field next to the exit gate. You can enter and leave by that gate as needed. If you are staying on site but do not have any OOC tents, then please park in the marked parking area in the quiet camping field. Anyone who wishes to camp in this field is welcome to do so as normal, provided that they respect the quiet camp designation.

OOC Camping

The OOC camping area will be laid out in lines so that people can pitch their tent next to their car. The gate team will direct you where to park. The section of the OOC camp nearest to the IC area will be set aside for any player with mobility issues as normal. Please ask the gate crew for directions if you are eligible to camp here.


The following traders have booked for the event.

  • Battle Ready Hand crafted leather goods.
  • Chows Emporium Costume, leather gloves, products related to drinking and accessories.
  • Coelred Monger Suppliers of replica costume and artefacts.
  • Darkblade Leather Stuff.
  • Eldritch Weapons and armour.
  • Gem’s Trading Co Costumes and leatherwork. Fine quality tailored garments and LRP props. Also a wide range of hand made leather items and missile weapons supplied by Arrow Kaster available to order.
  • Having A Larp Costume, weapons, armour and LARP accessories.
  • Irregular Props Weapons, shields and mage implements designed especially for Empire.
  • Light Armouries Supplier of latex weapons and props.
  • Mandala Studios High quality latex prosthetics and masks tailor made for the Empire campaign.
  • Skian Mhor Latex Weapons and props. Costume, armour, leatherwork, chainmail, tents and all types of LRP supplies and essentials.
  • Tallows Beautiful weapons and shields that are perfect for Empire.
  • Velvet Glove Costumes Costumes, make-up, prosthetics, jewellery with more to come!
  • White Rose Apparel Beautiful armour.
  • Winterforge Armouries Bespoke LRP weapons, Leather, props and commission work.
  • Wanderlust Couture