Score by Gabrielle Falquero

Terunael By Idwyn Splitroot

V:- Am/Am/Em/Em/Fmaj7+4/Fmaj7+4/E7/E7/Am/Am/G/G/Dm/Dm/E7/E7 Ch:- Am/Am/Em/Em/Am/Am/Em/Em/Fmaj7/Fmaj7/G/G/Am/Am/Em/Em Mid8:- Fmaj7/G/Am/Am/G/G/E7/E

It came writhing and creeping through the crumbling stone It brutalised and devastated, everything ripped to shreds Twisted, knotted and broken

Terunael, Terunael Empires rise and fall Heralds hear our call Ternuael

It was monstrous and deadly driving them out of their homes Navarr and Thorn, laid down their lives Trods created just to weaken the Vallorn Travelling far to defeat it

Strike it down, together fight as one Magic unwound, vines they grew, crushing all they found

Terunael, Terunael