Tune by Kathryn Wheeler, lyrics by Kathryn Wheeler and Jude Reid

Sheet music is available here

High upon the Culloch fell In forest thick and black as hell Dwells a boar with eyes aglow To its lair none dares to go

One cold winter, hard the ground The boar it comes a-snuffling round Takes a taste for human meat Finds the blood and marrow sweet

CHORUS Brothers, sisters, beaters all Take up arms and heed the call Evermore my kin shall be Those who hunt the boar with me

Every night it kills again Hungry for the blood of men Till the keeper tells the town One of you must hunt it down

Every heart is filled with fear There's no yeoman dares go near Till a beater, bold and brave Vows he'll go, the town to save


He takes his bow, he takes his spear He kisses wife and children dear He goes his speed and skill to try To slay the boar or else to die

Now the beaters, keen of eye Track it to the mountains high And from inside a night-black cave Piggy eyes glow bright with rage


Every spear in bright array Is turned to hold the beast at bay But with one charge a man lies dead Its tusks and muzzle drip with red

Our beater lad, with all his might Steps up now to join the fight Thrusts and parries with his spear Holds at bay both beast and fear


Now he thrusts the spear again Hears it roar and shriek in pain But the boar with bloody glee Rips his thigh from hip to knee

Now it stares with hungry eyes Eager to devour its prize Our beater gathers all his skill For one last chance the beast to kill


And as it turns to run him down He plants his spearshaft in the ground Lowers the point, its charge to meet And skewers the brute dead at his feet

They carry home the beast they killed And long the feast, each belly filled And ne'er was tasted pork so sweet As that which fed on Marcher meat


(to the tune of the second half of the verse - slowly)

Granted is the hunting right To those who slew the boar this night Culloch's horns shall ever sound Here upon their hunting ground.