Lyrics by Amelia Crowley, Music by Jude Reid.
A pdf of the lyrics and tune can be found here.

William of Astolat walking by night Was struck by a beacon of pearl grey light Fashioned of starfire, lovely and chill The moon's only daughter came over the hill

She walked like a mist-wraith with never a sound As she drifted and dreamed high above the dark ground And William knew coming to with a start That the moon's only daughter had stolen his heart

He trembled and shook till he hardly could stand Then he stumbled before her with hat in his hand But before he could utter what plainly he showed The moon's only daughter passed on down the road

He followed down hillsides, he followed on plain He followed through forests and fields thick with grain He followed her over the silvery moor Till he saw her go in at her mother's white door

He waited without, for her dared not go in Dared not touch the door, for he feared 'twas a sin That to touch the moon's whiteness would damn him for sure So he stood there, in silence, a step from the door

William of Astolat walks by the hill And as he goes dreaming true lovers fall still For dawn found him walking, all dew-drenched and dazed And his heart will keep aching for all of his days.