The tune is Wild River Child (S J Tucker). Words by Clare Ryder.

I come from the land the Scorerro winds through Where the people won’t utter a thing that’s untrue Better keep this in mind when you sign with this crew, It will wash us all away.

The river it shines, with star metal gleam, But Scorerro is hungry for blood, so it seems. It’s not for the faint-hearted, know what I mean. It will wash us all away.

We all put the work in, we just take it as it comes When the hard rain falls and the west wind calls. But you cannot stop the river when it decides Tonight's the night to rise.

The riches there lie, to be won by our lives. Through the wind and the storm, we compete for the prize If you've got what it takes, bring your nets and keen eyes It will wash us all away.

Netriggers sing, mourners decry, Mountebanks claim that they'll teach you to fly. In the time that it takes just to form our reply It will wash us all away.

Steal silver from the wild, wild river. So help me on Scorerro River’s wilds Ply the depths for treasure, stealing stars from the sea Wondering if today, it’ll come for me One more life in the ledger, when we go then we go Cos you can't stop the river.

With my feet in the mud, my poles in the air I will walk with the flood like a captain's despair. We carry our dead, we've seen more than our share, It will wash us all away.

So grip the net tightly, mind how you dare Rewards may be great but we know to beware, So I'm telling you once and for all, have a care. Make the river’s jaws dismay Oh, they don't call them rapids for nothing. It will wash us all away.

Raise your voices for the fallen riggers Raise your voices for the fallen riggers Safe passage through Scorerro River’s wilds