By Joanna Bendle. (

In the halls of old Terunael Under floors of sundered stone Crawl the roots of our ancient foe Conquered all, that dark Vallorn.

In the streets once loud with voices Now the quiet of sylvan deeps Not a song but the buzz of insects Conquered all, that cruel Vallorn.

Along the walls long left unguarded The winding vines and briars grow The once great gates now hanging broken Conquered all, that wild Vallorn.

Atop the spires of gleaming silver Once seat of powers beyond our ken Nothing left but rot and ruin Conquered all, that rank Vallorn.

Those ancient tomes of boundless knowledge Lost to all forever more Now but dust, long left to moulder Conquered all, that foul Vallorn.

In the hearths once bright and blazing There the beasts have made their beds Even here the dark encroaches Conquered all, that vile Vallorn.

But when we dance the dance together All things can and will be done We'll reclaim those age old wonders Conquering all that fell Vallorn.