Original: The Raven King (lyrics) / The Demon Lover-The House Carpenter (tune): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VzGibeTuGs Recording: https://soundcloud.com/oxfordgirl/ballad-of-the-raven-king-the

Not long, not long, my father said Not long will you be ours The sovereign knows all too well Which are the fairest flowers

The priest was all too worldy Though he prayed and rang his bell The sovereign three candles lit The priest said it was well

Her arms were all too feeble Though she claimed to love me so The sovereign stretched out its hand She sighed and let me go

This land is all too shallow It is painted on the sky And it trembles like the wind-shook rain When the sovereign rides by

For ever and for always I pray remember me Upon the moors, beneath the stars In the sovereign's company