The Unquiet Grave - adapted for Empire, based on the traditional song as performed by Kate Rusby.

How pleasant is the wind tonight I feel some drops of rain I never had but one true love And far off he lies slain As I lay dreaming in my bed I heard my true love speak My bones are lying far from home And there I cannot sleep

When all the fighting it was done  They laid me with the dead To  rest uneasy in the poor soil,  Cold in my stony bed Oh come to me my dearest dear Come swiftly and alone For you alone my soul can save For you can bring me home

For twelve long months the land I roamed Until the field I found Where they had laid my true love's bones In stony barren ground I had no box to bear his bones No coffer made of stone But linen for a winding sheet To carry my love home

Oh, pleasant is the wind tonight And sound my sleep shall be But my love sleeps the best of all Beneath the apple trees