There are various versions of this song that are suitable for several nations if tweaked to fit that nation's style.

Marches/Dawn/League/Highguard version (does not have to be in a Scottish dialect!)

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Three ravens sat upon a tree Hey doun hey derrie day Three ravens sat upon a tree Hey doun Three ravens sat upon a tree And they were black as black could be And sing la do an la do a day

The middle ane said tae his mate "Oh where shall we our dinner get?"

"Well, it's doun intae yon grass green field There lies a knight that's newly killed"

And his horse is standing at his side And thinks he might get up and ride

And his hounds are lying at his feet And they lick his wounds sae sore and deep

There came a lady full of woe As big wi' child as she could go

And she's stretched hersel' doon at his side And for the love of him she's died

Wintermark/Navarr/Varushka version

Lyrics here, both as Scottish dialect and Anglified:

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