Song by Gerwyn Walters (link to come)

Chords: Dm C - Dm, F A, Dm C - Dm, F A - Dm

Through the Dark Places - A song of the Navarr Written sometime between 3-17 YE Author - Unknown

Through the dark places we onward roam bearing the beacon that shines the way home for gone are the houses and gone are the halls gone are the ancients at Terunael's fall

Chorus through the dark places, through this long night through the dark forest, we bear this light for though all around us, the Vallorn do swarm through our blood and our oaths, the Empire was born

Highguard Through the dark places where the orcs lay bearing the truth that will open The Way walking the roads, from chapter to hold We carry her message, so it may be told

Varushka Through dark Varushka and into the Vales We carry the promise that they would prevail we'll vanquish the Sovereigns, we'll slaughter their kin This was the promise that brought the Vales in

Brass Coast Through the dark places and onto the bay we danced with the Freeborn to start the parley The price at the table was bitter and red for Freeborn freedom the Navarri bled

Dawn Through the dark places, where knightly they rest we met a young serpent and joined in her quest we conquered the rapids and filled them with stone and with but one leap, She had won a new home

Marches Through the dark places we joined the Parade and walked with the Marchers to the home they had made Through the trod that we crafted, the land was renewed so The Way that we traveled, the Marchers walked too.

Wintermark Through the dark places, to the north we had came and witnessed the Thunder, the Wind and the Rain through vinum's offspring, heroes were reborn The Winterfolk were no longer forlorn

The League Through the dark places, near rivers long We Sang for Aldones and Danced to his song there the three people, as one they were cast and eight became one for they were the last

Through the dark places, through this long night we gathered the people, all bearing this light And where they had gathered, the oaths there were sworn Through Navarri Wisdom, the Empire was born

Through Navarri Wisdom, the Empire was born