Words by Jericho-Jayne Cobb to a traditional tune Recording

First sung by Jericho of the Suns of Couros in 379YE

To March with Navarr By General Jericho of the Valiant Pegasus

I am a soldier of Highguard In Bastion I was born And many is the happy hour I’ve spent On the banks of the river Couros. But to the war I must endure, As others of my nation, To Reikos fight I'd march away, To save this Highborn nation.

Chorus- To march with Navarr March with Navarr To save this Highborn nation To march with Navarr March with Navarr To save the Highborn nation

The night before we went away I spent it with my darling From lowest sun in the afternoon To the break of day next morning. And when that we were going to.part, We lay in each other's arms, And you may be sure, and very sure, That we lay discontented.


The very first night we marched away, I dreamt about my darling, I dreamt I held her in my arms And well she pleased my fancy. And when I woke out of my dream, And found my bed was empty, You may be sure and very sure That I lay discontented.


When we arrived to fight the war We all were lean and healthy We planted banners in the soil, And set our shields and spears For to the war we would endure, As others of our nations, To Reiko’s fight we'd marched away To free the Highborn nation.