These guidelines are for all traders attending Empire events. If you are interested in trading at an Empire event please make sure that you have read these rules carefully.

The trade area is the centre of the event, and includes the main sets built to support the event, such as the tavern and the senate. Most of the rules and regulations for trading at events are designed to ensure that we maintain a high level of immersion in this area.

No Spaces at Present

At present, due to the popularity of the game with players and traders, we are unable to accept any new requests for trade pitches at the event. If you wish to be added to the waiting list for a pitch then please contact us.

Trader liaison: Angela Tiernan (Angel)


There are two options for anyone who wishes to sell non-food/drink items for OOC money, either a standard trader or a peddler. Both options require you to purchase a player ticket and follow all the normal guidelines for a player. A pedlar may then go about the camp and sell their goods as they choose. If you want to have a trade pitch for a tent in the main market place then you to pay a small additional charge for a pitch and follow the additional guidelines for a trader.

Peddlers can sell out of their own tent as a peddler, anywhere within the nation camps, provided you avoid setting up too close to the official marketplace. Alternatively, a peddler can sell off a blanket or cart etc in the marketplace as long as they are not obstructing the traders set up in the marketplace or in a place that would spoil the game for players. Please keep any non-IC looking items from spoiling the view and ambiance of players. Please contact our trader liaison if you want any additional information about pedling.


Tanis Kingston.jpg
Trader liason: Tanis Kingston
Photo by Ben Smith

All participants at Profound Decisions events, including all traders and caterers, must follow our guidelines for conduct and language. If you break the rules, even unknowingly, then you will get a formal warning. Any subsequent breach of the rules will result in you being refused entry to any future Profound Decisions events. For this reason, it is essential that you ensure that you have read and understood all the conduct and language rules.

Trader Liaison

Our trader liaisons exist to help with trading queries between and at events. Their role is to be a first point of contact and ensure that we provide you with effective support so that you can trade successfully at our events. Our current trader liaisons are Angel and Tanis.

Trade Items

Any items sold for OOC money at our events must comply with all standard legal requirements. For example, if you are selling hand-made soaps then they need to comply with the statutory regulations on testing and registration of your products.


Please remind all players that they must have weapons, shields, bows and arrows checked by a weapon checker before they use them at the event. They must not assume that an item automatically passes.

Non IC Items

It is perfectly fine to sell items that do not fit the Empire genre at our events, provided they are not on display at the front of the shop. Items that do not fit the game should only be displayed inside your tent or stall.


Traders are not permitted to sell alcohol at events.


It is acceptable to sell cold or preserved food from your stall, but not hot or fresh cooked food. Caterers are covered by different rules and financial arrangements with PD, so traders are not allowed to offer major catering operations at events without prior agreement.

Set up and Take-down


You may arrive on site at any time from the Wednesday before the event onwards. Traders are encouraged to come early and have their stalls set up before the players arrive, so there is no charge for early arrival for traders.


All tents in the IC area must conform to the rules for tents published in the basic costume guidelines. Specifically it is not possible to put dome tents or party tents in the IC area.


All traders must wear costume that is suitable for the setting while in the IC area.


You may bring vehicles onto the site and begin taking your stall down as soon as the event ends at 3pm on the last day. Please do not start taking your stall down before this time as it disrupts the event for players.



Generators are not permitted in the IC area so we provide power to all traders with a pitch at the event. The price for this is included in the pitch fee, but you will need to supply your own 25m extension cable. This power is intended to run lights and small low power utility devices - you cannot use our power supply for electrical heating at an event.


Traders with a small pitch may have up to 200 watts, traders with a large pitch may have up to 400 watts. You cannot run a kettle, toaster or any electrical device that produces heat.


Do not plug anything into any socket outlet until it has been checked by a member of the Profound Decisions electrical team. Electrical team members can be contacted via GOD or via the event crew on the radio. Remember, there are a lot of traders and it may take a short period of time to get a member of the team to your location.


If the PD crew electricians are not happy with the safety of a device then you will not be allowed to use it. You will not be able to use the device at the event and will need to secure any such items in your trader vehicle.

Booking and Prices


To trade at our events your account on our website must be approved by our trader liaison. Once that is done you will be able to use the regular website to book tickets and a pitch to trade at events.


Every person who attends a Profound Decisions event must have a valid ticket - this includes yourself (if you are attending the event) and everyone who is working on your stall.

Please see the main Profound Decisions website for ticket prices. In addition you can purchase a pitch in the main trading area in the centre of the site. All normal ticket discounts apply for traders attending an event.

Pitch prices are £15 for a small pitch and £30 for a large pitch if booked during the 'early booking' period. The prices increase to £30 and £50 respectively if booked during the 'late booking period'. We do not accept requests to trade after the late booking period has ended.

Pitch Sizes

A small pitch is up to 20m2, a large pitch is anything over this size. The size is taken from the sides of the tent, not the footprint of your guy ropes.

Trade stall members

Please contact us to book tickets for staff who are working your pitch. We will add the staff to your booking, which will ensure that your invoice is correct.

VAT Invoices

A VAT invoice is automatically available from your Profound Decisions account for all bookings made using your account.