A song about the cycle of life and death which resonates very strongly with Marcher ways. Often sung contemplatively as a solo, but can also be sung as a round (see the first recording below for an example).

Music by Kathryn and lyrics by Jude

A recording of this song can be found here and here and sheet music is available here

Earth and dark holds seed and root To the sun rise leaf and shoot Rest shall follow all your toil Turn the circle, turn the soil

Seeds that in the Spring were sown In the autumn are full grown Children grow to grooms and brides Turn the circle, turn the tides

Fields that grow with barley high In their turn must fallow lie Wicker men to ashes burn Turn the circle, turn the sun

Long days full of warmth and light All must end with gentle night Here's the wound no art can heal Turn the circle, turn the wheel

Wounded, weary, sick and sore Lay down now to rise no more To the land that gave you birth Turn the circle, turn the earth