Hush my child for night draws near, Within the wards we’ve nought to fear, When the wolves howl, we shall all hear, So stay in my arms, and be safe my dear.

When the night is dark as coal, With a heart like a witches soal, Don’t be afraid as life takes its toll, The day shall return, as mothers call.

Though now you rest in the snow alone, At dawn you’ll find a hearth and home, So heed the words your mother said, Or cold Varushka will take your head.

In the sky, the Mora will be, Unless in human form you do see, Guard your manners, keep them like kin, And you shall bind them into their skin.

Varushka is wild, but beautiful too, Beware the monsters out to hunt you, But stay on the roads, and I swear it's true, You shall be safe in all that you do.

Though I ate auntie, your ma and your pa, I shall guard you wherever you are, Hospitality binds me, so don’t wander far, For I am wild but still of Varushka.

The snow you rest in is white and cold, Frost gleaming as frozen crystals of gold, Soon you’ll be eaten unless you do fold, So tell me your name if I may be so bold.

Cold, ice, so far to go, Monsters deep from in the snow, Heed ma’s words be she human or not, Lest off the path, you are forgot.