Lyrics by Andre Tcherepnine. The tune is Riu Riu Chiu youtube version

Here is a guide for the tune, but please do listen to the recording as well. The triangles denote places where the tune groups three quavers (and gives it the bounce that you hear on the recording). The crotchets with x heads are three clapped beats.

Virtue Never Falter.jpg

   See the Way before you
   Your path never alter
   Be you ever loyal
   Virtue never falter (repeat last 2 lines)
   In the Revelation was the Way discovered
   By the Scions' work was the Labyrinth uncovered
   From the Distant Shores came the proof of our birthright
   Signs of Seven Virtues seen as clear as daylight
   On the Winds of Virtue was this finding carried
   Brought to all the people of the Nations varied
   When the Empress rose so did the Way of Virtue
   Founded was the Synod ever faithful and true
   Heed the Pride of ages your soul will be commended
   Vigilance and Courage will keep you well defended
   Prosperous and Wise is the way that's never fallow
   Loyal and Ambitious the soul that's ever hallowed