Hear it in the stilling bird song Taste it in the air Druj are here to take your homeland WE CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR

Latch your doors and hide your cattle Keep your windows barred Soon the Druj will be upon you Soon life will be hard Hold your children close and whisper comforts in their ear Druj are here to make some orphans WE CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR

Send them off Pretend they’re safe But when we come for them Your body's left behind But they will see your face again Cry yourself to sleep Because you know that we are near Druj are here to go a-slaving WE CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR

Cast away all hope and pride Scream and cry and curse You'll envy soon the dead my dear The living have it worse Keep a ready watch When it is getting dark and drear Druj are here by night a-raiding WE CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR

Jump at all the shadows When you watch for the attack None of it will help you When the dagger's in your back Fall to fitful sleep But you shall find no comfort here Druj are here in all your nightmares WE CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR

We're the razor at your throat We are your fevered dreams We are all those come to life It's just the way it seems Look into our eyes And see the blood upon our spears Druj are here to gut the Empire WE CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR

Run away, forget your duties Leave your friends behind Once we've dealt with all of them We'll deal with you in kind