Sulkavaris, Knower of Names is the Egregore of Wintermark. It appears dressed in the traditional garb of the Winterfolk either as Suaq, Kallavasi or Steinr as suits its role. Sulkavaris particularly enjoys being told riddles or shown other examples of Wintermark art and children are encouraged to create riddles of their own to tell.

In midwinter, Sulkavaris gives blessings to the virtuous but is sometimes accompanied by a malevolent figure known as the Krampus. The Krampus is a strange being that dispenses curses, but only upon those who ask for them. Individuals who feel the need to atone for something, perhaps an infidelity or a moment of cowardice in battle, will approach the Krampus and whisper their crime in its ear. The Krampus curses them, but the curse lasts only until the next winter and those who survive the curse are absolved of any wrongdoing. An image of the Krampus is often worn as a symbol by the Frayed, although it has no particular affection for them.

Current Hosts

In recent years it has taken four hosts - although each follows one of the traditions, their activities are not restricted to the Winterfolk who follow that tradition by any means.

Ethelfrith, more commonly known as Frith, lives in Hahnmark. As a scop they are a poet and are always interested in furthering storytelling in any form. Before becoming a host of Sulkavaris they were a member of the Imperial Synod and they still enjoy debating religious matters and theology. Their merrow lineage can mean that they avoid small talk, but they are always keen have conversations with citizens about their virtue and often wear the robes of a stormcrow when not performing.

Drekki the Unyielding

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Lyla of the Kallavesi
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