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Words and tune by Claire Sheridan. tune

Comical song, in the style of popular tavern songs, by Nicassia of Phoenix Reach.

18 rings, 18 rings, All I've got of all I had Is 18 rings.

Oh when I ran a business, I ate and drank full well, But that was all in Mournwold Now there’s nothing left to sell. (Chorus)

I used to harvest Weirwood, And hoped to gain much wealth, But that got sacked by Jotun Which was not good for my health. (Chorus)

Oh then I had a navy, I’d trade goods by the score, But they were sacked by Grendel So I don’t trade anymore. (Chorus)

I used to harvest mana Which sparkled in the night, But nothing could restore them Once they’d perished in a blight. (Chorus)

Oh once I ran a unit, They brought my much to trade, But then they went to Skarsind- (Here raise a toast to the fallen) (Chorus)

Oh once I had a sinecure And promised not to shirk But now the Civil Service say They’ve lost my paperwork (Chorus)

I tried my hand at preaching, And dabbled with liao, But both were taken by Thule thugs - They’re no use to me now. (Chorus)

High upon a mountain I grew herbs by the ton, But the snow that came in winter Went and shrivelled every one. (Chorus)

So underground I headed To mine for metals rare, Since bandits hit my caravan I’ve nothing left to spare. (Chorus and so on)

Infinitely open to reinterpretation and updating with current events.