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A Fool in a Crown Written OC and recording by Reesha Dyer. Written IC by Virtue di Tassato

The actors a fine one for plying his trade, Looks so superb on the plans that you made, But take of his mask and you will be dismayed, He's made of a much paler shade.

Chorus: If the actor were true if the bravo were brave, If up, could only be down, If only, if only, not one were a phoney, We'd not have a fool in a crown.

The trader she seems like a sensible sort, She tells me there's nothing that cannot be bought, But when friends are there for the coin in your stores, What if someone offers more?


The bravo talks loudly, and thinks with her sword, The tales that you hear you can't help but applaud, If only she wasn't so easily bored, Liability we can't afford.


And then there's the skulker, the servant, the pest, He thinks that he's puppeting all of the rest, His pretence of power's a pretty poor jest, And nobody's really impressed.