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Rules Summary


A short, printable rules summary of the key points is available. If you have any questions then check the FAQ first and if that doesn't help then please contact Profound Decisions and we will answer your questions.

Playing the Game


This section tells you how to play the game - providing the rules and guidelines for creating your character as well as roleplaying the character at an event.



All player-characters are able to fight in Empire if they choose. The combat rules explain what to do in skirmishes and battles and how to use your skills.


Orc prisoner.jpg

Safety is important to ensure that events are as safe as possible. Everyone must make sure that they understand these rules even if they do not intend to fight.



Players creating characters together can create a concept for a group to link those characters together. There are special rules some types of groups, called bands in Empire.



A character is defined by the skills that they possess. You can purchase any skill you want for your character, though some skills must be bought first.



Magicians are able to wield the force of magic, using it to drive enemies away or mend shattered weapons and bones. Read this section if you are interested in playing a magician.



Resources provide a character with wealth and precious resources. Every character in Empire may control campaign resources and a single personal resource.



Herbs can be mixed by characters with the apothecary skill to make potions and poisons. Potions can be consumed by anyone, providing valuable magical benefits.

Magical Items


There are scores of different magical items that exist in Empire. They are created and sold by player-characters and many characters will have access to one or two.