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From the Broken Shore we emerge, we emerge To any who would pirate we're a scourge, we're a scourge And any who would sail, bow your head, bow your head Unless, of course, you want to end up dead, end up dead

The Grendel, the Grendel, we come from Broken Shore The Grendel, the Grendel, we come to bring our Law The Grendel, the Grendel, upon our ships' high towers The Grendel, the Grendel, CATAZAR BAY IS OURS!

From the Broken Shore we sail out, we sail out And any foreign raider we will rout, we will rout Through any storm or tempest we will sail, we will sail 'Cause the Grendel cannot ever flag or fail, flag or fail

The Grendel, the Grendel...

From the Broken Shore we appear, we appear With all our mighty ships we're bringing fear, bringing fear Because trade or combat, sailing is our life, is our life We'll offer you our silver or a knife, or a knife