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Holberg Wine Lyrics by Jake Wilson Music and recording by Chris and Harriett Robins Kennish

Holberg wine - Dark as mountain skies, Holberg wine - Stains the skin where it touches, Holberg wine - Wets the earth where it falls, Holberg wine - Soaks into the ashes.

(Chorus) The shadows of Winter, Must harden the fruits, To wait for the morning, Of Spring’s bright new shoots.

Heady wine - So sweet to the taste, Heady wine - May fall from the cup, Heady wine - As it darkens the lips, Heady wine - Dark rivers run over.


Did you see the smoke from the vines? Hear the roar as they came? From the flames, from the foe. To the walls, to the city, Behind the gates, And a life hard as steel.


City gates - High mountain walls, City gates - Keep your weapons together, City gates - And your loved ones close, City gates - Mud turned by hard boots.


Holberg wine - Dark mountain halls, Holberg wine - Nothing grows but Courage, Holberg wine - Where the land has been burned, Holberg wine - To the deep, thirsty roots.