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With true pride the Winterfolk have resolved to relinquish our claim on the territory of Skarsind.

We take this courageous step out of loyalty to the Empire, and in particular the citizens of the Imperial Orc nation.

It is our ambition that Skarsind should become the first home for the Imperial Orc nation, such that they may find Prosperity.

This may be vetoed by the Wintermark National Assembly in addition to the normal processes

Proposed by Sermersuaq, seconded by Skarsind.
Held High.jpg
The Wintermark senators lead the move to make Skarsind a home
for the Imperial Orcs.


  • This motion would renounce the Wintermark claim to the territory of Skarsind
  • As Skarsind is still part of the Empire, it would allow for a new motion of assignment to be called.
  • This motion has significant constitutional ramifications.
  • It motion requires ratification by The Throne, and has no legal basis until then.
  • This motion was passed unanimously by the Senate.


  • Spring 379YE

Campaign Outcome

  • If the motion is ratified, the territory of Skarsind would no longer be part of Wintermark.
  • Once relinquished, the territory will be assigned to a new Imperial nation following a standard vote of assignment by the Imperial Senate.
  • The Brilliant Shore is a national Bourse position, control will remain with Wintermark until the territory is assigned to a new Imperial nation.
Steinr Senator for Skarsind Thanmir Hrafnar being carried from the Senate by Irontide Kask, Sunhammer Kirrik and Irontide Vio - among others.
The motion was particularly welcomed by the Imperial Orcs.
  • This motion would later lead directly to the creation of the Senate power of relinquishment, allowing the Senate to relinquish any territory or Bourse seat so that they could be assigned or allocated again.


  • The Constitutional Court acknowledge that this motion represents the true will of the Wintermark people due to the unanimous support of the senators of that nation and the right of the Wintermark Assembly to veto it.
  • This motion may be abrogated by the Senate at any time before its ratification
  • This motion may be vetoed by the Assembly of the Nine, the General Assembly or - as specified - the Wintermark National Assembly; the Synod has until the start of the first senate session at the Summer Solstice to apply this veto.
  • As this is a constitutional matter, the motion would not count against the one veto allowed each summit.
  • During the Autumn Equinox 379YE, the use of the Imperial Favour of Empress Britta allowed the ratification of this motion in the absence of a Throne. The senate then chose to assign Skarsind to the Imperial orcs.