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Words by Claire Sheridan. Tune by Aneurin Redman-White and Claire Sheridan. Manuscript by Aneurin Redman-White PDF here

Written in 378YE.

Rules of Engagement By Nicassia of Phoenix Reach and Eudaemon of Halcyon Spire

Once there lived a Dawnish man, So gallant and so bold, His great Ambition was to find A love to have and hold. But his path it was not easy, In truth ‘twas filled with woe, As our brave and handsome lad Did a-wooing go.

At first he found a gentle lady, Delicate as a rose, Her hair was as the raven dark, Her skin like fallen snow, But paler she was, and paler she grew, As the summer months went on, By autumn he had won her heart, But by winter she was gone.

Into another’s arms he fell, Being quite forlorn, He bought he circlets like evening stars, Dresses which shimmered like the dawn. She took his gifts and more besides, But when her asked her to wed, She took herself away and back To her own true lover’s bed.

When next he fell it was for one Who bravely took the field, Together they sounded the battle cry, And swore to never yield. But he lay gravely wounded, She feared that he was dead, When he came home his wounds were healed But another she had wed.

Next for a Changeling bright he fell, With hair gold as the sun, He was sure in Summer’s beating heart, He had found the one. He traced the spirals on her skin, Thought she would be his wife, ‘Til she answered Cathan Canae’s call And left for a Herald’s life.

A yeoman next did catch his eye, A scandal it did cause, But he thought her perfect, A woman without flaws. She visited them often, He thought she’d be his spouse, But her true intent became too clear The day she joined his house.

A Cambion, both proud and tall Put him to the test, To fetch her a Chimera’s scale, To prove he loved her best. But Chimera’s scales are found on beasts No single man can slay, Wisdom calmed his mighty ardour - He would not find love that way.

One night, drowning in his cups, The lord told all his tale, Of loves long lost he’d once thought won, Of his fate to ever fail, When one stepped out then from the crowd, To soothe his aching heart, She said she’d end his suffering And that they’d never part.

So she braids flowers in his hair, He sweet words for her ear, They pledged to live in harmony, They pledged to give one year, And when that year was ended, They pledged to give a score - Both merry and contented then, They lived forevermore.