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Words and tune by Claire Sheridan.

Written by Nicassia of Phoenix Reach. Manuscript by Aneurin Redman-White [1] Recording

Speak of your Love By Nicassia of Phoenix Reach

O Urizen of lofty Spires Is not averse to passion’s fires But if you’re always reading books None will see your meaningful looks,

O Urizen of snow-capped peaks Where one thinks well before one speaks If one does not speak at all It’s no surprise your love won’t fall.

So speak of your love, Speak of it truly, Speak of your love Before you go; Speak of your love This morning, this evening, Speak of your love Or they’ll never know.

O Wintermark of ice and snow, Where brave and bold a-hunting go, If you stay tight within your furs You’ll be left to fret and curse. O Varushka, of the wood and wild, Huddled snug around your fires, To keep your heart locked up so tight, May leave you lonely in the night, So speak…

O Orcish tribes, with eyes aflame, Fighting for the Empire’s name, Who very frankly speak your mind – Be sure you treat your love in kind,

O Navarr of the forest Trod, Nimble scouts all leather-shod, If you hide too long amid the trees There’ll be none left for you to please. So speak...

O Highguard, of the tall, proud towers, Who’d walk around in mail for hours, Done up so tightly in that skin, How do you let a lover in? O Freeborn of the ship and sail, Who threw aside their cousins’ veils, Take care, don’t set your price too high Or lovers, too, will surely fly! So speak…

O Marchers of the bill and block, Such energetic, ruddy stock, But with so much upon your plate Will you speak before it’s too late? O Dawn of ballad and fine verse, Perhaps to speak too much is worse, For giving them too much to heed You might not make it to the deed! So speak…

O Leaguers, with your smashing tights And cities more alive at night, To spend your evenings counting coins Will do no service to your loins!

O people, please, hear my request, Though much of this is done in jest, If you’d not be alone this night Communicate to set it right. So speak… .