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Written by Dave Lowry and Claire Sheridan. Recording

The Stargazer's Song Phoenix Reach

Looking out, Dancing in starlight, Looking out, What do I see? Skies on fire, And dancing in amongst that light, The brightest vision, I have ever seen.

Chorus: And all I see is you in the sky, But this empty winter’s night, Needs a thousand sunset skies.

You my love, Smile down upon me, And you my love, Light of my life, Gentle hands, So fine the artisans can’t touch, The finest beauty, I have ever seen.


Evenings spent Dancing in starlight, Touch your cheek With my gazing eyes, Night on night, Seeking out the mysteries, The diamonds glinting, In your raven hair.


Ending 1: You my love, Dance on forever, Skies on fire, Will never fade. Looking out, Though my hair is white and thin now, You smile down on me, You never change.

Ending 2: Looking out, I didn’t hear you, Walking out, Light of my life. I gaze on, The only company I keep, The brightest vision, I have ever seen.