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Tune by Dave Lowry, lyrics by Dave Lowry and Claire Sheridan.

A meditation on the key concepts underpinning the Urizen.

The Three Pillars Ioseph & Nicassia of Phoenix Reach

We shape and we perceive, We hide and grow. The Realms move and concede; We move the flow. A word can break a wall, A rune a soul: We'll know and name them all, Make this world whole.

Chorus: These three pillars hold our nation, Stronger than mountains, clearer than a stream, Virtue carried to our horizon, These three pillars.

We document and own, We learn and grow: All knowledge can be known; It's ours to know. We reason and apply, We use with care, Our Spires touch the sky, Destiny’s there.


So ever on we strive, Ambitions grow. Through Poise we show our Pride In what we know. Our work will strengthen all; We'll pass it on. Others will heed the call After we've gone.