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Words by Claire Sheridan. Tune by Aneurin Redman-White and Claire Sheridan. Recording: here Manuscript by Aneurin Redman-White PDF

Third in "The Black Plateau Saga"

Treasures of Zenith By Nicassia of Phoenix Reach and Eudaemon of Halcyon Spire

By the gates of Urizen A tea house stands, Two Naga stand ready, With helping hands. In the cool, dark tents, Of the Sentinel’s Repose, They’ll soothe your aching mind, They’ll soothe your aching bones.

The Solace of our nation, Their main concern, Into the Realm of Night, Their vision burns. In their cool, sharp minds, The pieces slot in place; They keep our secrets well, They keep our secrets safe.

They and I and coven bold, The Plateau saw, They and I and coven bold, Sought out more. In the cool, high spires, We showed and made our plans, We knew where we would fight, We knew where we would stand.

An Arbiter then came to call In dead of night, He brought with him the message, The time is right. In a warm, sick sweat, Two Naga sleeping lie; It should have been their night, It should have been their time.

So I’ll sing of our ritual For all should know, Of the great deeds done, On the Black Plateau. In the heart of the tale, There always should remain, Those who know it best, Elyssian, Elyssiathain.