Gardens of Tiberius' Bequest.

Building a small sinecure in Laroc, Astolat for the production of Cerulean Mazzarine.

This is to create the position of Healer of Dawn, to be assigned by the Dawnish Senators.

Approved by the Dawnish Civilian Commissioner


  • A sinecure in Laroc, Astolat which produces Cerulean Mazzarine.
  • This motion was approved by the Dawnish Civilian Commissioner using the legal power to commission constructions delegated to them by the Senate.


  • Spring 380YE


  • The announcement does not specify the size of the sinecure, but standard costs apply.


  • 10 wains of white granite and 20 crowns provided by Morien after Spring Equinox 380YE.

Campaign Outcome