Precedence and the Font

  • The basic font at this summit was 122 mana.
  • The income from the Principle of Proportions at the previous summit was 130 mana.
  • The remainder from previous seasons was 3 mana.

The members of each order in attendance at the end of the previous summit determine precedence for the following summit according to the Principle of Precedence. The income of mana following the previous summit is listed above and was distributed as per the table below. This left 3 mana, which will be added to the font to be divided at the end of the next summit along with the income from the Principle of Proportions at this summit.

Golden Pyramid179583
Shuttered Lantern272523
Rod and Shield365472
Sevenfold Path455402
Unfettered Mind533241
Celestial Arch625181
Silver Chalice718131


The Imperial Titles of the Conclave

The full list of Imperial Titles held in the Conclave at the end of the summit can be found here.

The following Imperial Titles were declared by the Conclave during the summit.

  • Emilia was appointed as the Archmage of Winter following the Friday session.
  • Fabienne of Vexille was appointed Archmage of Spring following the Saturday session.

In meetings of the members of the appropriate orders, the following Grandmasters were appointed.

  • TBD

Changes of Sorcery

  • Eudaemon and Aurelia of Halcyon Spire were declared sorcerers.
  • Gui of House Vexille was reconciled with the Conclave.

Changes of Amity and Enmity

  • The eternal Zakalwe has been granted amity.
  • The eternal Ylenrith has acquired enmity.
  • Gilean, Herald of Llofir has ceased to exist and been removed from the roster of amity.

Conclave Declarations

Records show that 10 declarations were made during the Friday session, and 10 were made during the Saturday session. The details of these declarations and their outcomes were as follows: when a declaration is not one of Concord, its text may have been edited for standardisation purposes.

Friday Session

Speaker Declaration of... The Imperial Conclave declares Outcome
Proxy Archmage of Day Enmity that Ylenrith shall have enmity against her. Passed
Kyra of Halcyon Spire Sorcery that Eudaemon of Halcyon Spire is a Sorcerer. Passed
Simargl, the Empty One Amity that Sadogua shall have amity towards him. Failed
Emilia Candidacy that Emilia is the Archmage of Winter. Passed
Erasmo di Tassato Concord that Conclave requests the Senate reviews the laws regarding sorcery and ensures they are in line with the Constitution. Passed
Kyra of Halcyon Spire Sorcery that Aurelia of Halcyon is a Sorcerer. Passed
Vandale the Enchantress Candidacy that Vandale the Enchantress is the Archmage of Summer. Failed
Raewynn Farkas Dissemination that the ritual text "Dance of Navarr and Thorn" shall go to Axos.
10 Thrones provided by Raewynn Farkas after Winter Solstice
Mercutio Ankarien Candidacy that Mercutio Ankarien is the Dean of the Lyceum. Failed
Asenath Reconcilation that Gui of House Vexille is no longer a Sorcerer. Passed

Saturday Session

The Conclave made the following Declarations:

Speaker Declaration of... The Imperial Conclave declares Outcome
Aquillian Imperial Lore that Infant Starts With A Blank Slate should be added to Imperial Lore.
10 Thrones provided after Winter Solstice
Volfe of Ashenhall Concord Irra Harrah is allowed to aid those in need throughout the Empire, so long as he does not sow discord, preach heresy, or break the laws of the Empire. Passed
Raewynn Farkas Endowment that the 2 mithril held by the bursar be granted to the Silver Chalice. (CS: TBD?) Passed
Marcus Endsmeet Concord that Reed is allowed to conduct a second Audit of the Empire. Failed
Gabriel Barossa Amity that Zakalwe shall have amity towards him. Passed
Mord of Auric Horizon Concord Thank you to Sadogua for protecting the Halls of Knowledge. Passed
Romande Remys Candidacy that Romande Remys is the Archmage of Spring. Failed
Fabienne of Vexille Candidacy that Fabienne of Vexille is the Archmage of Spring. Passed
Rhode Scarlet Guard Concord the Empire will gift a copy of "the Mountain Remembers Its Youth" to a foreign nation of Prospero's choosing. Failed
Stormchaser Candidacy that Stormchaser is the Archmage of Spring. Failed

Conclave Addresses

Records show that 15 addresses were made during the Friday session, and 12 during the Saturday session. Per protocol, the titles of addresses are not recorded.

Principle of Proportions

155 mana was collected in accordance with the Principle of Proportions. This means that, including the existing remainder, 158 extra mana will be distributed at the next summit along with the basic font.