Joshua - the fact that you can't see why the mana should not be shared out equally between the orders is exactly why those of us who can think this principle is so important.

Iñes i Guerra

The Principle

The Principle of Precedence states that the size of an order determines the priority given to them by the Conclave.


Precedence is established before the beginning of a summit. Each order's precedence is set by the number of magicians belonging to each order who attended Anvil at the previous summit as determined by the civil service. Membership of an order is based on the possession of that order's Arcane Mark.

If two orders are tied for Precedence at the start of a Conclave session, then the tie is resolved in favour of the oldest Order. The Order of establishment, from oldest to newest, runs Celestial Arch, Sevenfold Path, Rod and Shield, Golden Pyramid, Shuttered Lantern, Unfettered Mind, and Silver Chalice

The Principle of Precedence directly affects speaking before the Conclave, and the allocation of crystal mana and ilium from the vaults.


After the presentation for an address or declaration is complete, there is an opportunity for others present to speak. The grandmaster of each order nominates a speaker in turn, starting with the smallest order present and proceeding to the largest. When every grandmaster has nominated a single speaker, then the process can begin again with the smallest order. A grandmaster may pass at any point - if they do not wish to nominate a speaker. If they do this however, they may not then nominate any further speakers.


The business of the Conclave produces mana that is collected that is collected by the civil service. These supplies are supplemented by mana confiscated from barbarians and sorcerers and crystals harvested by civil servants working for the Conclave. These supplies are redistributed to the orders in direct proportion to the total count of their precedence at the previous summit. An order which is twice the size of another receives twice as much mana.


The Principle is intended to make it simple to determine who will speak next when an agenda item is being debated by the Conclave. Like the Principle of Proportions the support of the assembled magicians for a clear set of rules makes it possible for the Conclave to operate without appointing an individual to chair a session.

The principle also resolves the thorny issue of how to allocate the mana possessed by the Conclave - by ensuring an egalitarian distribution that grants an equal share for every mage who attends the Conclave.

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