Abrogate the motion passed in 378 which assigned Civil Servants to Imperial Fleets.

Proposed Madruga, seconded by Upwold.



Spring Equinox 379YE.


  • None; the previous upkeep of 50 Thrones each season has now ended.

Campaign Outcome

  • The measures preventing Imperial citizens from pirating foreign nation fleets, or trading with barbarians, have been suspended.
  • The magistrates wish to remind Imperial citizens that while there is no crime of "piracy" per se, there are crimes of assault, murder, theft, criminal damage etc. Foreigners receive protection under imperial law so crimes committed against them can be prosecuted.
  • OOC Note: It is now possible for PCs to commit piracy against foreign nations that the Empire is not at war with, or to trade with barbarians. Both actions still have significant legal ramifications, however.Bold text