To agree upon the Peace Treaty with the Druj

Proposed by Sarvos, Seconded by Necropolis


  • This follows on from a previous, failed attempt to agree a peace treaty with the Druj
  • Passed


  • Winter 380YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The terms of the treaty were accepted and the Druj are now considered a foreign nation.
Peace Treaty with the Druj
  • 5 year peace treaty
  • 2 Imperial armies could remain in Dawnguard
  • 2 Druj armies to cautiously advance in the first season into Murderdale and Carmine Fields, with 3 on solid defence and 1 to withdraw, and the Empire withdraws and army
  • Both sides withdraw 1 army per season until both sides have 2 armies remaining in the Barrens
  • Trade to be 3 white granite for 2 mithril; 27 wains first season, then 18 wains of mithril made available per season for 5 years