To amend the powers of the Quartermaster General.

To include the power to announce to the Senate once each season to which Armies, Navies, Fortifications and/or Spy Networks the Imperial Guerdon will apply that season.

Proposed by Segura, Seconded by Casinea


  • This motion has constitutional implications
  • The motion requires ratification by The Throne
  • Passed
  • This followed on from a previous motion to amend the powers of the Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies


  • Summer 380YE

Campaign Outcome


  • This motion was ruled by the Constitutional Court to require a constitutional vote - it was duly passed by the Senate and ratified by The Throne.
  • As the motion requires announcement in the Imperial Senate, it is subject to veto by the Imperial Synod as if it were any other announcement.
  • This motion will not pass scrutiny without any accompanying change in the method of appointment.

This motion required ratification by the Senate as it was judged to represent a considerable shift in power from individual nations and their generals to the Imperial Military Council.

Existing powers of the Military Council do not require announcement in the Senate - but this power is a significant new extension of the powers of the Military council. Having the announcement take place in the Senate ensures greater public awareness and will mean that the announcement is subject to veto by the Imperial Synod.

In the final process of scrutiny, it was identified that the appointment of the Quartermaster General could fall within the provenance of the Senate rather than the Military Council - due to the appointment method for this Imperial title which allowed for input from both houses. As a result, the motion was ruled unconstitutional - with the recommendation to raise an administrative motion to change the method of appointment of the Quartermaster General - to be by majority vote of the Military Council. If this administrative motion is passed by the Imperial Senate - then the motion will pass into law.

  • The administrative motion to amend the method of appointment of the Quartermaster General passed.