To amend the title of Civilian Commissioner such that they can only announce five commissions per summit.

Proposed by Tassato, Seconded by Mitwold


  • This motion was to amend the previous motion to create the title of Civilian Commissioner so that the collective ten Civilian Commissioners can only announce up to five constructions per summit
  • This motion followed on from a previous motion to amend the powers of the Civilian Commissioners to remove their power to announce the construction of follies
  • Passed


  • Autumn 380YE

Campaign Outcome

  • There are significant constitutional implications to this motion - it is currently undergoing scrutiny.


Citizens shall not hold more than one high office at a time and must exercise their powers in person; those whose virtue causes them to be offered numerous Imperial titles must choose between them

Imperial Constitution
  • It is not constitutional to share a power between Imperial titles in this way. Either the civilian commissioner has the power of commission or they do not - it is not possible to make the use of a power contingent on the actions of another title in this way. The use of a power by an Imperial title may be limited by practical or logistical considerations - but it cannot be subject to legal limitations in this way.

Members of the constitutional court will make themselves available to the Senate on Saturday afternoon at the next summit to offer any help they can to allow senators to craft a constitutional solution to their current problem.