This title was established by the Imperial Senate during the Summer Solstice 384YE following a suggestion made by Abigail of Ira's Shield.


The Archivist of the Echoing Obelisk is responsible for collecting and recording the names of Imperial citizens who fall in our wars who do not attend Anvil but deserve to be remembered with equal virtue. The Archivist has a particular responsibility during the Day of the Dead celebrations; to mark the end of the grand procession at Anvil by calling on all present to spend a moment thinking on the nature of virtue, and what a terrible thing it is to be forgotten. In addition if the Echoing Obelisk was ever threatened it would be the responsibility of the Archivist to deal with those threats.


This title is appointed during the Autumn Equinox. The Archivist of the Echoing Obelisk is appointed by a judgement of Appointment in the Highguard national assembly.

The title can be held by any Highguard citizen. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the Highguard National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

Autumn Equinox 385YEEnoch196 Votes
Autumn Equinox 384YEEnoch368 Votes

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Enoch; it will be reelected at Autumn Equinox 386YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.