I propose that a motion that a folly be built in Peregro and then ceded to Meraud. This tower will be taller than Pakaanan's Pass as per designed by Megaris of Glowspire. It will create the position of Churnspire Adjutor, an Urizeni national position elected by the mages of Urizen. The position would receive regalia from Meraud and a regular gift of mana.

Proposed Bastion, Seconded Morrow


  • Commissions the construction of the Churnspire, a magical tower in Peregro, in Morrow, with the assistance of the eternal Meraud.
  • Details of the opportunity can be found in the The Net of the Realms wind of fortune.
  • Passed at 100 Thrones


  • Spring 384YE


  • As detailed in the wind of fortune
  • 20 wains of white granite
  • 10 wains of mithril
  • 60 crowns in labour costs,
  • Three months to construct


  • 10 wains of mithril, 7 thrones 4 crowns and 20 wains of white granite provided by Baal after Spring Equinox 384YE


  • Once work on the Churnspire is completed the title of Churnspire Adjutor will be available to be appointed.


  • An administrative motion will be submitted to the Imperial Senate to confirm the title is to a national title for Appointment by the Senate.

During scrutiny the Court identified that the title would need to be appointed by a well worn path, it cannot be conducted by vote of all Urizen magi. As this issue arose in part because of unclear guidance issued by the civil service following discussions with Meraud (Meraud was happy for any election method), the court have asked the Speaker for the Senate to raise an administrative motion to confirm the title is to be appointed by the well worth path laid out for a national title for Appointment by the Senate, following a discussion with the senator who raised the original motion.