The building of a Great Work in Sarvos to assist in the integration of former slaves from Jarm into the Empire should they so choose.

This work will guide these people towards Prosperity through providing education and apprenticeships thereby increase the productivity of businesses in the region.

We create the Imperial Title of Dean of the Liberated of Jarm. Appointed: The Senate Revoked: Assembly of the Nine or the General Assembly Duration: Life

Proposed by Casinea, Seconded by Sarvos


  • Passed in principle
  • Passed at 100 Thrones 4 Crowns
  • It was noted by Senator Casinea that Senator Miaren had helped with the wording of this Senate motion.


  • Winter 379YE


  • The motion did not specify the size of the great work, but standard costs apply.


  • 100 Thrones 4 Crowns disbursed to Senator Casinea

Campaign Outcome

  • 40 wains of white granite and 10 thrones supplied by Ferrero Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato after Winter Solstice 379YE.
  • This great work, when completed, will enhance the earnings of all businesses in Sarvos whose owners attended the previous Anvil summit.
  • As part of the motion a title, Dean of the Liberated was created.
  • The College of the Liberated was built in the town of Trivento in Sarvos.


After due consideration it is clear that the College of the Liberated is legal, provided it is made clear to the newly arrived Jarmish foreigners that they are under no obligation to remain in Sarvos or to participate in the education provided by the College. If the College is ever in a position where there are more spaces than there are former slaves, then it is anticipated that they could fill their ranks from the orphans and poor of Sarvos.