Ham, son of Brigantia, son of Frecki and of Bruin, lead apothecary of Dunhearth and descendant of the Great Dun, apprentice of Wise Rangara and Saviour of Holburg, with the authority of the Great Thane, Tobrytan Dunning, called Spooner, has instructed the foresters of Woodhall in the southernmost reaches of Hahnmark, close by their home of Dunhearth Hall, to fell trees in such a way as to create glades. These glades are positioned most carefully and plantings and experimentations have shown that conditions are such that, in the most exposed and Northern facing areas, Bladeroot grows vigorously, as it does in many areas of Wintermark, in the Southern facing and most sheltered glades, Cerulean Mazzarine grows strongly and well, in the glades carefully placed upon sites of skirmishes with the Feni, Marrowort does flourish, and True Vervain and Imperial Roseweald will both grow well in this area, even without careful tending.

As such, and as a legacy to future generations, a balanced herb sinecure is proposed, funded by the family of Ham, and to be overseen by him, for as long as he does live, that he may provide potions for the benefit of the Empire.

It shall be called Dunfrith, meaning in the old tongue “forest of Dun” and the custodian shall always be known as the Guardian of Dunfrith.

Approved by the Civilian Commissioner of Wintermark



  • Autumn 380YE



  • 12 wains of weirwood and 24 crowns supplied by Thanmir Hrafnar after Autumn Equinox 380YE.

Campaign Outcome


  • Although the announcement states that that the sinecure is to be overseen by Ham, son of Brigantia, the Senators of Wintermark are in no way bound to elect Ham to the position.