To construct the Elosian Docks, a white granite ministry. This will create a title, Quaymaster of the Elosian Docks, which will be appointed as an Urizen national position in the Bourse. Costs: 30 weirwood and 60 crowns.

Proposed by Redoubt, seconded by Tassato.


  • Construct the Elosian Docks, taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the Hesychia of Elos.
  • Passed at 140 thrones


  • Autumn 383YE


  • Non-standard costs apply as detailed here.
  • 30 wains of weirwood
  • 60 crowns labour cost
  • Three months to construct


  • 7 thrones 4 crowns and 30 wains of weirwood provided by Edmundo of Damakan's forge after Winter Solstice 383YE

Campaign Outcome

  • Once completed this commission will be overseen by the title Quaymaster of the Elosian Docks, who will be have access to a ministry to trade dragonbone for white granite