To build the Garden of Glory a liao sinecure in Therunin and the title of Keeper of the Garden. This is taking advantage of an opportunity from Spring 382YE to build at reduced cost of 8 weirwood and 16 crowns labour. This will produce 6 liao and no Synod votes. To be assigned by Navarr National Assembly, revoked by Navarr National Assembly. This is a self funded motion.

Proposed: Tassato, Seconded: Astolat



  • Spring 385YE


  • Costs as per wind of fortune
  • 8 wains of weirwood
  • 2 thrones in labour costs
  • Three months to construct


  • 2 thrones and 8 wains of weirwood provided by Eadric de Rondell after Spring Equinox 385YE


  • Once completed the position of Keeper of the Garden will be available to appoint by the National Assembly of Navarr.