To construct the "Garden of the Imperial Auxiliaries" in Coursmouth, Necropolis, a herb garden sinecure. This creates the title "Legate of the Imperial Auxiliaries" with the power to address Military Council, to be elected by Military Council. This position has the responsibility to support the Imperial Auxiliaries in aiding the Field Marshall with communicating on major conjunctions through the sentinel gate. Revokable by the General and the Assembly of Nine.

Proposed Necropolis, Seconded Holberg



  • Summer 384YE


  • Standard costs apply
  • The costs for the sinecure have not been defined in the motion so the civil service assumes minimum size (10 wains)


  • 2 thrones 4 crowns and 10 wains of weirwood provided by Ray Fosterbrooke after Summer Solstice 384YE